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Welcome to our Guided Tour! This area of the site is designed to familiarize you with using our website and how to Shop for Stocks. To begin, choose which topic you would like to learn more about.
This tour teaches you how to get around our website. It discusses navigation and where things can be found. This is the basic "how to" tour for BUYandHOLD.

This tour teaches you how to Shop for Stocks once you have opened an account with us. It will walk you through the shopping cart process and help you feel comfortable when buying securities online.

BUYandHOLD routes orders to Oppenheimer (member NYSE/SIPC) three times a day, and provides real-time trade executions, unless BUYandHOLD or any of its agents or affiliates experience technical, mechanical or other difficulties, including but not limited to, delays or loss of service resulting from computer, electronic, mechanical, or communication line failure, heavy trading volume and/or market conditions beyond our control.

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