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Account Services
Transferring to BUYandHOLD

How do I transfer my account from another firm to BUYandHOLD?

In order to transfer from another brokerage firm to BUYandHOLD, simply do the following:

  1. If you do not currently have an account, open an account with BUYandHOLD.
  2. If you have an existing account, select which BUYandHOLD account you want to deposit stock into (must be identical account type), and be sure to note your account number.
  3. Please confirm that your securities are offered by BUYandHOLD. These companies are listed under the Research Stocks channel, found on the left side of the homepage.
  4. Fill out Transfer form and submit to BUYandHOLD.

    a. Log into your account at:
    b. Click "VIEW."
    c. Click "PRINTABLE FORMS," under Additional Features.

  5. If a broker is not DTC eligible, the certificates must be sent to you. You must then complete a Certificate Deposit Form and mail it along with the unsigned certificates, to the address listed below:

    BUYandHOLD Division of Freedom Investments, Inc.
    375 Raritan Center Parkway
    Edison, NJ 08837
Rejection Fee Notice

Please be advised that if you have any security positions maintained at or affiliated with Computershare and you plan on transferring those shares to BUYandHOLD or any other Brokerage Firm, your transfer request may be subject to a rejection fee.

Here are a few potential reasons that a transfer agent may reject a transfer request:

    -  Registration and/or account number mismatches, share discrepancies, Social Security #’s not matching on joint accounts, transpositions etc… 

Here is an example of an account number mismatch. The original Transfer Agent merges with another Transfer Agent which results in a new account number and/or code to be issued. If you provide the original account number (Not the current account number created as a result of the merger) on your transfer form, your transfer request may be rejected and imposed a fee. Please be sure to include a copy of the most recent statement and be sure that it is from the surviving Transfer Agent.

Please be advised that all transfer agents’ DRS rejects, regardless of reason, are subject to an Agent imposed rejection fee (Currently $75.00).  BUYandHOLD has no control over the agent or the amount of any fees incurred. These are pass-through fees that you the customer must pay.  You should also know that any rejection fees will be applied to the client’s account the month following the notice of rejection.

**A potential alternative may be to call the transfer agent to determine if they still issue certificates and any associated costs.  You can then mail those certificates to us and we will gladly deposit those shares into your account at no additional fee.

How do I transfer my current DRIP to BUYandHOLD?

In order to transfer your DRIP to BUYandHOLD, if you do not currently have an account, open an account with BUYandHOLD. Please confirm that we offer the securities you wish to transfer. Read and follow the instructions listed on your DRIP statement or in the plan prospectus to terminate your DRIP account. Please request physical stock certificates for whole shares and a check for fractional shares. Your plan administrator may impose a fee to terminate your account. When you receive your stock certificate(s), complete, sign, and mail the Certificate Deposit Form with your unsigned stock certificate(s) to:

BUYandHOLD, c/o Freedom Investments, Inc.
Attn: Transfer Department
375 Raritan Center Parkway
Edison, NJ 08837

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Transferring out of BUYandHOLD

How do I transfer to another broker? In order to transfer from BUYandHOLD to another brokerage firm, you will need to contact the other brokerage firm for a BROKERAGE ACCOUNT TRANSFER FORM. You will need to fill out that form and follow their instructions on how to transfer your stocks. The process will take about 4-6 weeks. Please note that when transferring out to Another Broker, there is a $50 fee. Please note that fractional shares cannot be transferred and will be sold, commission fees will apply. If you wish to just transfer out partial securities, there is a fee of $25 per security. The transfer out fee must be available in your BUYandHOLD account before we can complete the transfer request. To view a complete listing of all the Transaction fees and Optional Services at BUYandHOLD, please use the link provided:

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Depositing Certificates

How do I deposit my stock certificates?

In order to deposit your certificates, if you do not currently have an account, open an account with BUYandHOLD. Providing you have an existing account, select which BUYandHOLD Account you wish to deposit stock into. The account type must be identical, and be sure to note your account number. Please verify that we offer the securities you wish to deposit. Complete, sign, and return the Certificate Deposit Form with your unsigned stock certificates to:

BUYandHOLD, c/o Freedom Investments, Inc.
375 Raritan Center Parkway
Edison, NJ 08837

Please note: When depositing certificates into joint accounts, if the certificate is registered into a single name we will need a notarized letter stating that the holder fully understands that the shares from the certificate will be deposited into a joint account.

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Obtaining Certificates

How do I get a certificate for my stock with BUYandHOLD?

Stocks purchased through BUYandHOLD are held under the street name for your benefit, unless you wish to have the whole shares issued in certificate form. Certificates cannot be issued for fractional shares. The fee for issuing a certificate is $30 and then it will be mailed to you. Also, you must have the $30 in your account as cash before requesting a certificate. Please note if you are making a deposit to cover the issuing fee, there is a five-business day settlement period before the funds are available. Once your issuing fee has settled, simply e-mail with your BUYandHOLD account number, the company name, and the number of whole shares you want issued.

Please note: Most companies have ceased issuing physical certificates. However many companies may still allow you to obtain a physical certificate for a fee through their Transfer Agent. Please contact your issuer's Transfer Agent for additional details, which can be found on the issuer's website.

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Fractional Shares

What happens to my fractional shares if I request a certificate or transfer out of BUYandHOLD?

Fractional shares cannot be certificated. As a result those fractional shares must be sold in the open market and you will receive the sales proceeds after any applicable fees have been collected. Fees are charged in accordance with your investment plan. Specifically, the Basic Investment Plan buys you two trades per month for $7.99 and any additional trades are charged $3.99 per trade. If the value of your fractional shares is less than $3.99, the charge for the sale will be equal the value received in the open market.

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How do I withdraw funds from my BUYandHOLD account?

Whenever you wish to withdraw your available funds, proceeds from selling stock, or from dividends, simply do the following:

  1. Wait for the three business day Settlement Period. Please be advised that our clearing agent uses a batch system, which means that settlement occurs at the end of the third business day. That, in turn, means that you must make your request on the fourth day.
  2. Login to your account at:
  3. Click "VIEW."
  4. Click "WITHDRAWALS," (under Additional Features).
  5. Specify the amount you wish to receive, and click "CONTINUE."
  6. Fill out the form and your funds will be issued within 24-48 hours.

Please Note: Please be advised that requests for mailing checks for funds from your BUYandHOLD account will incur a $5.00 service fee. ACH transactions are currently free. Withdrawal requests entered after 2:30 P.M. will be processed during the next business day. We highly encourage you to utilize this service to avoid any service charges related to fund requests. Specifically, you should know that if your account balance is less than or equal to $5.00, which includes any residual dividends accrued for 90 days from the date of closing; will not be issued and the balance will be written off.

There is a 10 business day hold on funds recently deposited into your account.


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Can I deposit funds into my BUYandHOLD account via Fedwire?

Yes. To deposit funds to your BUYandHOLD account via Federal Funds Wire, please submit the following wire instructions to your financial institution. Please be sure to include your BUYandHOLD Account Number in the instructions. This number can be found on the initial e-mail you received when you opened your account or on the 'View Your Accounts' page. The processing of domestic wires takes approximately two business days. When we have received the funds, they will be posted to your Account as available funds.

Financial Institution Information:
Bank Name: The Bank of New York Mellon
Street Address: One Wall Street
City: New York
State: New York
Zip Code: 10286
ABA #: 021000018

Receiving Firm Information:
Firm Name: BUYandHOLD, c/o Freedom Investments, Inc.
Firm Account: 8900402768

For Further Credit To:
Customer Name: Your Name
Account Number: Your BUYandHOLD Account Number


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